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Valspar® Refinish is a market leader for premium-quality, low-cost automotive-refinish paints and coatings. Our goal is for every customer you serve to be more-than-impressed with every paint job, every vehicle, every time—and for your shop to be consistently profitable.    

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De Beer Refinish supply high-quality colour mixing systems, ranging from VOC-compliant water-based and high solid systems to conventional basecoat and 2K acrylate systems.

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LIC Industrial Finishes have been developed especially for commercial industrial markets. Easy to use high performance products designed to provide protection from abrasion, corrosion and chemical attack. Being simple and easy to apply we believe you will get the job done faster and more cost effectively.

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Wattyl's Industrial Metal Coatings consist of  a comprehensive range of products for the industrial metal finishing industry. These include durable primers, air drying enamels, fast air drying enamels for structural steel and for agricultural and other implements, baking enamels, heat resistant baking enamels and high durability two pack polyurethane topcoats.

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