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  With De Beer Refinish colour information you will be assured of retrieving the right formula, delivering a repair that's truly satisfies the vehicle owner.

To assist you in getting the right colour every time, De Beer Refinish have developed a vast array of Colour Tools. The user friendly ICRIS software has a host of complimentary tools including Colour Box, Tint Charts, Engine Bay & Bumper Colour Fan Decks. Additionally the Colour Wheel and tinter charts that you can download instantly will make your paint room more productive


Improving body shop performance by providing accurate and timely information and guidance on matters that effect the success of your business.


The Quality First Program encompasses a number of key components:

- Business Consulting

- Quality First Lifetime Warranty Program

- Networking Forums

- Technical and Equipment Audits

- On site and Off site Training

- Facility Layout and Design advice

Your Quality First Consultant is available to assist the body shop in determining courses of action that will improve all areas of the body shop and, in turn, lead to increased profitability.


Whether it be turn around efficiency or estimating accuracy, your designated Quality First consultant is available to assist with all aspects of body shop management.



   “For us to be successful we need to help our customers be more successful”